Welcome to Recovery Reboot

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Recovery Reboot’s Vision & Mission:

The vision for Recovery Reboot was, upon its inception, and still is to provide gap services for high school, college, and adult clients undergoing major life transitions. Our 1-5 day intensives provide meal support, nutrition and therapeutic groups, skills building, and experiential activities (outings) to help ease the transition and reduce the risk of relapse for those in Eating Disorder recovery, in addition to the work clients are doing with their individual treatment teams.

The History of Recovery Reboot:

In the Fall of 2018, Whitney Justice, MAMFT, LPC, LMFT of Freely Rooted Counseling & Wellness LLC and Jacy Pitts, M.S., RDN, CSP, LD of eatwellgeorgia, LLC joined forces to found Recovery Reboot, LLC, after piloting the program successfully over the summer. From the Summer of 2018 to the beginning of 2019, Whitney and Jacy co-facilitated the following 3 successful Recovery Reboot Intensives:

- A four day intensive for College Students in July 2018 - outings included The Beltline, yoga and a picnic in the park, and a self-defense lesson, A four week meal and processing group for teens in Fall 2018, and A three day New Year intensive for teens in January 2019.

-In the Spring/Summer of 2019, Whitney and Jacy mutually agreed to end the co-ownership of Recovery Reboot this Spring so that Jacy could focus on other amazing professional opportunities and Whitney could, as the sole owner, continue with Recovery Reboot and build upon the great foundation that was set by Jacy and Whitney in their short chapter as co-owners. Whitney and Jacy are closing their chapter as co-owners with mutual love and respect and Whitney is thrilled to bring in other skilled clinicians to help facilitate future Reboots, starting with the fabulous Bethany Wheeler, M.S., R.D., L.D. from B. Wheeler Nutrition, for the 2019 Back-to-School High School and College Reboots we will be offering in July of 2019 ( please see the Future Reboots tab for more info)!